Saturday, December 9, 2006

Holiday Hangover Tips

Steph, Jim, Chris & Rebekah,
Hope you all enjoyed your holiday party. Did Melissa Etheridge show up and participate in the Karaoke? Inquiring minds want to know. Did Steph get drunk and spoon between Jim and Chris? Did you all set a new dwarf-tossing record? (How in the world did Jim Ward know that the world record for dwarf-tossing is 12 feet 9 inches? - he is freakin' amazing!!!) Who puked? Did anybody fall into the pool? Did the squirrels pelt the guests with avacados? Did Max steal the show? Did Jim and Chris take their bottle rocket war outside? Those and many, many other questions are on the minds of SMS listeners this morning. Please say that you took lots of photos and will post them on the web site... Hope you all have a very Merry Holiday and a Fabulous 2007!!!
Cheers - your radical militant librarian,
Faye in Tulsa, OK

A few ways to deal with a holiday hangover...

A Few Suggestions as to how to Deal with Steph's Post-Holiday Party Hangover:
(A Radical Militant Librarian Top Ten List)

10. Do a bong hit and laugh like hell about "Comadant KooKoo Bananas in charge!." .(SMS, 12/08/06 HR2)

9. Throw away a box of wine - do another shot of tequila.

8. Find your panties and head to Denny's.

7. Forget your panties and head to Denny's.

6. Renege on your promise to serve as a live stand-in in Steph's Nativity Doll Scene.

5. Take a refreshing dip in the cement pond and retrieve the Karaoke mike.

4. Use left-over Guacamole as a rejuvinating facial.

3. Post secretly filmed video of Steph's dance moves on YouTube.

2. Teach Max, Puff and Poo-bear how to make mean bloody marys.

1. Look up at Steph with your blood-shot eyes, wink, and then let out a monster fart....

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