Tuesday, September 4, 2007

NO War with Iran!!!

Rumors of war abound, and nothing could be more frightening than the thought of this derelict, incompetent administration launching yet another unnecessary war against a country that is at least three times the size of Iraq with nearly three times the population. Having learned absolutely nothing from the fiasco that is Iraq, the Bush administration is planning on attacking Iran. Or that is the buzz in the blogosphere anyway - I hope against hope that this prediction is wrong, but at this point, I've become so cynical and disillusioned that I wouldn't put any devious dastardly action past Darth Cheney or any of his minions (and I include Georgie Bush in that group).

Here are a few blog posts that have me worried:

Home Alone, Dick and George Desperately Scheme for War

Post Labor Day Roll Out - War with Iran

Do We Have the Courage to Stop War with Iran?

THE NEXT WAR? by Arnaud de Borchgrav, Benador Associates

Staging Nukes for Iran?

Here is a web site that gives me hope:


Here is an essay that explains much about why we are where we, as a people, are in time and war:

Iraq, Iran and the Moral Rot Infecting the Soul of America

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