Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - John Lennon

On the first anniversary/birthday of this blog I have decided to mark the occasion by posting this video clip of images that show the atrocity that is war in this perverted world we live in (the world could be beautiful, but it's not). I think that beyond being a fan site for Stephanie Miller and her morning radio show, this blog has been dedicated to ending the wars that this country has started and encouraging peaceful resolution to conflicts in the world. I have attempted to address these issues by pointing out the horrible policies of the current administration that have led us into the disastrous situations that we find ourselves in around the world along with the incredible price that we are paying at home for these murderous escapades abroad.

I'm sure that I'll get back to lighter fare in subsequent posts (wishing everyone a Happy ChrismaHannaKwansica), but today I just wanted to post a video and a wonderful song that I hope will remind us all of the huge job that is before us, and to never give up, never back down, never acquiesce to the powers that be that are leading us all down a hellish path. Many thanks to the loyal readers of this blog for all the support. And please keep working for peace - it may seem like a thankless job, but it is really our only honorable work.

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