Thursday, December 14, 2006

George Bush: A dangerous, cornered animal

"Fuck 'em. I'm the President. I'm the one who decides what's best for this country."
George Bush

"Whatever the 'real figure' is or is not, one inescapable fact remains: Many more Americans will die in Iraq and/or other actions spawned by Bush's illegal invasion of a country that posed no threat to this nation. And many, many more will come home physically maimed and/or emotionally scarred for life."
Doug Thompson

George W. Bush: A dangerous, cornered, rabid animal
December 13, 2006


My gut tells me the President of the United States has become a cornered animal - wary of a party that has all but shunned him, distrustful of even his closest advisors, angry at an American public that has rejected him and fearful of his own inability to cope with his growing madness. White House insiders tell me George W. Bush grows more sullen and moody with each passing day. His paranoia, they say, is increasing to manic levels as he launches into tirades about traitors in his own party, in the press and among his allies.

They describe a man living on the edge and stepping too often over it. Bush, they say, feels betrayed by former Secretary of State James Baker who he now feels held his administration up for public humiliation in the Iraq Study Group report. Although he told the press after meeting with ISG co-chairs Baker and Lee Hamilton that the White House will take the group's recommendations "very seriously," Bush says privately that he has no intention of going along with their plan.

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