Friday, December 15, 2006

Senatorial Disability

Dear Stephanie,
I hope that this doesn't even, ever become an issue for Senator Johnson, but if he does need time to recover (and who wouldn't after having brain surgery) there is certainly precedent for him staying in office. See the information below.

Karl Earl Mudnt - Republican Senator from SOUTH DAKOTA

After suffering a severe stroke in 1969, he remained in office through the end of his term on January 3, 1973, but was unable to attend sessions of Congress and was stripped of his committee assignments by the Senate Republican Conference in 1972. He did not seek reelection in 1972. He was succeeded in the Senate by James Abourezk.

Senator Mundt NEVER stepped foot in the Senate Chamber again after suffering his stroke.

It is also known that Senator Strom Thurmond was non compos mentis for many of his final years in office where he was propped up to wink and smile.

Senator Johnson will recover fully from this problem, I hope, anyway.

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