Monday, December 11, 2006

Open, Ready to Mentor!

Courtney makes a sponsor I'd be proud of, especially if I just started A.A.. I'm sure Britney will need a sponsor or is it Lindsay Lohan ? Any of them could definitely hook you up... ;

L.A. Judge Dismisses Cases Against Love,0,5019185.story?coll=la-celebrity-news
Associated Press Writer
December 11, 2006

Courtney Love

LOS ANGELES -- Sobbing with joy, Courtney Love thanked a judge Monday after he terminated her probation and dismissed three misdemeanor cases, including two drug-related charges.

"Thank you for not taking me into custody," Love told Superior Court Judge Rand Rubin. "Thank you for giving me an opportunity. You've been a good, fair judge. Sorry for crying."

After the hearing, Allred and Deputy District Attorney Gina Satriano both declined to comment. Allred's client passed by Love and said loudly, "Ah karma."

Love, kissing and hugging her attorney and manager outside court, said she would remain committed to her sobriety.

"All she has left to do is continue as she's been doing," talking to Alcoholics Anonymous counselors and mentoring others, Weitzman told The Associated Press.

"Out of my own free will!" Love added.,0,5019185.story?coll=la-celebrity-news

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