Friday, January 4, 2008

Caucus Hangover

Oh Momma -
it's Obama!

Dear Stephanie,
I know, I know, you are technically still on vacation (seems like a coon's age since you entertained us in the morning), but you didn't think that your official radical militant librarian could pass the day without dropping you a note and applauding your efforts on behalf of your favorite candidate, Mr. Barack Obama. Did you sneak into Iowa and flip the switch for Barack?

Do tell us, what is your secret? It doesn't really matter, I think that Barack's strong showing bodes well for Democrats in general and that is what we all care about, after all, isn't it? It also makes for an interesting (read "good") fight that should keep people across the country focused on the change that we all so desperately want and need. Way to go Iowa! Way to caucus! Way to get out the vote! Keep up the momentum and we'll storm the White House in November and move in in January 2009!!!

Of course, Tulsey has been insufferable, prancing around the house with that maddening "I told you so," look on his face, while poor Dillie is wondering what happened to his presidential team - Goldwater/Miller (we had that "talk" again last night), but alas Dillie just can't accept that his choice of presidential candidates is nothing but a pair of cheap publicity skanks, and he vows to go ahead with his "Hound Dogs for Goldwater/Miller 2008" group, sure that they will rebound in New Hampshire. Give 'em hell, Dill!!!

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Santana said...

I am sooo happy about OBAMA, I actually am proud of this country! vicky