Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This Blog Endorses BamaWardSon

On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, this blog is finally prepared to endorse a candidate and (drum roll please) it is BamaWardSon (that is Obama/Edwards/Richardson), in other words, I am following the lead of our fearless leader, Howard Dean, and endorsing whichever Democrat gets the nod at the convention in Denver in July. For those of you who were eagerly anticipating a John Edwards endorsement, or even better a nod for Barack Obama, may be shaking your heads at this blogger, but, hey, I'm nothing if not a realist, and I am prepared to endorse whoever earns the nomination in July, whoever gets the nod in Denver. In other words, I am so thrilled by the field of Democratic candidates, that anyone of them would be such a huge improvement over the current occupant of the White House, that I will work my butt off for any of them.

You may notice that Hillary Clinton's name is not a part of the jerry-built name I cobbled together. I may be a realist, but I am also fiercely loyal, and once I make up my mind, I am not easily dissuaded. And long about this time last year, I had had enough of Hillary's triangulating, her waffling on the most important issue of our time (the war in Iraq), and in spite of her charming husband, William Jefferson Clinton, I cannot betray myself or my guts by including Hillary in an endorsement by this blog. Sorry, Roxie, you gotta love my stubbornness, although I prefer to think of it as steely resolve. There you have it, loyal, yellow dog Democrats, my presidential endorsement for 2008. Rock on friends and this time with a skosh more feeling =)

P.S. And, yes, I still read and occasionally enjoy Maureen Dowd's column.

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Mel said...

I think your candidate should have a first name. Something like Barbiljon BamaWardSon would do. It has a nice flow don't you know.