Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year in Steph 2007

Jim Ward, Chris Lavoie, Stephanie Miller & Rebekah Baker receive a BLLOTY Award 2007

Loyal readers of this blog, you all may remember that this blog wasn't even a month old last year when we welcomed in 2007. It was a difficult, in many ways an ugly year, yet thanks to our fearless talk radio host, Stephanie Miller, and her esteemed crew of the Mooks (Jim Ward and Chris Lavoie) and recently named Mookette, Rebekah Baker, we weathered a year to which many of us are glad to say good-bye. It may have been a personal train wreck of a year for Momma (AKA Stephanie), and we were witness to her insomnia, mercury toxicity and the loss of her beloved Poo Bear, although details of her personal stress were not shared with her listeners (and for that we thank you, we guess, Momma). One of the bookends of 2007 that ended on a happy note was the demise of Columbus' WTPG (the only progressive station in the Columbus market) in January 2007, and the ultimate revival of progressive radio in Columbus, Ohio on WVKO - AM1580 in December 2007. In no small way it was thanks to a cadre of loyal SMS listeners (among them Ohio Majority Radio and Non-Stop Radio). Just goes to show the power of Stephanie and crew =). See the following stories that covered this saga as it unfolded: Rally Set for Monday in Columbus, Save Progressive Radio Drop, Power to the People.

Another exciting development for the SMS grew out of Don Imus well-earned firing, and that was the amazing return to television for Stephanie, accompanied by Chris Lavoie's adorable TV debut, (Jim Ward has been on numerous TV shows and his voice work has been featured in many more shows). That's right loyal fans, the MSNBC appearance led to the occurrence now known as the "Epic Sweating Incident," in which Ms. Miller failed to heed warnings sent to her by loyal fans to "keep her arms down," thereby exposing her damp arm pits to almost a million viewers. All in all, it was an excellent, if not exhausting, week for Steph fans (see links to SMS on MSNBC: Stephanie and the Boyz do MSNBC, Let Dan Abrmas Know that You Love Steph, Clip of Steph on MSNBC on YouTube).

Another memorable moment of the year in Steph 2007 included the launching of Stephanie's vice presidential campaign (October 1, 2007). Along with CC Goldwater, Steph is recreating the 1964 Goldwater/Miller ticket in an attempt to make a serious political point - the point being that neither Barry nor Bill would recognize the current right wing version of the republican party into which their erstwhile party has evolved. The campaign is also a shameless publicity stunt to promote Steph's radio show and CC's DVD "Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater." In spite of my lack of support for the imaginary ticket, Dylan (my younger and more gullible dog) has endorsed the Goldwater/Miller team for 2008. (see the following posts for more of my opinion of the mythical Goldwater/Miller 2008 ticket: Steph throws her well-worn ball cap into the ring, Goldwater/Miller Rally in Phoenix, Two Thirds of RML's Household Split Endorsements).

In any case, we say a big "Good Riddance to 2007," and we launch into 2008 with great expectations. Here are a few things that this blogger and loyal fan of the SMS would like to see/hear in 2008 - more Stephanie impressions (we especially can imagine and would love to hear Kay Rooney inviting Susan Estrich in for a glass of rye, Roseanne grilling Hillary on her stand on the war in Iraq, and Joan Rivers returning to the red carpet for any of the upcoming award shows), we would also like to see Steph become a permanent unsavory element on MSNBC (I think that she has earned her place, if not in Dan Abrams heart, then certainly on his show), we also eagerly anticipate the birth of Momma's third child (doggie) and wonder what mischief this puppy will get into. All in all, I just want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Stephanie, Jim, Chris and Rebekah for whatever measure of sanity to which I can lay claim. Here's to 2008, a new year, a new administration, new hope, and new promise. Let's all work for Justice and Peace - Happy New Year Everybody!!!

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